Studio Legale Trezzi

Lawyers and tax consultants

We analyse in team each case and recommend the most appropriate legal instruments and most adequate defensive strategy.

Paolo Trezzi has been providing professional services since 1982 and, over the years, his Law Firm has united Lawyers and Associates, including Tax Consultants and Auditors. Furthermore, he maintains key relationships with Public Notaries, Financial Analysts, Engineers, Forensic Scientists and Experts of other branches registered as Consultants at the Courts.

Studio Legale Trezzi operates in the heart of Milan, in Corso Venezia 35, and in Magenta, in via Oberdan 18, also drawing on the services of Of Counsels and of Correspondents throughout Italy and abroad.

It provides integrated high-quality consultancy and accurate advice in court proceedings and in extrajudicial settings, in all areas of Civil Law and in relation to contentious ordinary and precautionary proceedings. Preparation, diligence and continuous development characterise the Professionals of Studio Legale Trezzi, who provide their services in close collaboration to ensure that the matters entrusted to their responsibility are studied, dealt with and settled at their best.

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