Founding partner of the Law Firm, he graduated from the Università Cattolica of Milan. Registered with the Milan Bar Association and Register of Court of Cassation Lawyers, he has been providing professional services for over 30 years. Since the beginning of his legal career, he has practiced Civil Law and employer-side Labour Law and acts as legal advisor to leading Companies. He has also gained experience and developed expertise in the fields of Commercial and Company Law. He has successfully defined particularly delicate positions, been a member of Defence Teams set up for the resolution of complex cases and has been appointed Arbitrator to contribute to the settlement of peculiar controversies.



He graduated from the Università Cattolica of Milan and is registered with the Milan Bar Association. He has developed great professionalism and expertise in the field of Civil Law, in particular in connection with the formation and transformation of Companies, the drafting of articles of association, of shareholders’ agreements and of contracts, as well as with the protection and transfer of movable and immovable assets, including the most articulated and advisable drawing-up of wills, donations and transfers of ownership, also abroad. He has successfully solved important disputes concerning Inheritance Law and real estate property in all its aspects.


Debora Francesca LAMBERTINI

She graduated from the Università Cattolica of Milan with a final dissertation in Tax Law and is registered with the Milan Bar Association. She has been dealing for years with the entire case history concerning Family Law, in particular with regard to the separation and divorce of spouses as well as to cohabitation matters, and she has gained important experience in relation to matrimonial property regimes (community and separation of property), to the analysis of the property and financial status of spouses and to the resolution of critical family disputes concerning custody, placement and protection of minors. She has successfully solved numerous problematic and conflictual cases.



She graduated from the Università Statale di Milano and is registered with the Milan Bar Association. Since the beginning of her legal career she has dealt with any kind of Civil Law dispute and, in particular, with those concerning compensation for damages in all its aspects, with special reference to damage arising from road accidents, from accidents at work and from contractual liability. She has gained remarkable experience in the determination of the party liable (or jointly liable) for damage and in the evaluation and quantification of the damage. She has successfully conducted numerous actions for damages to the full satisfaction of the client.



He graduated from the Università Cattolica of Milan and is registered with the Milan Bar Association and Register of Court of Cassation Lawyers. He has been appointed as Auxilliary Judge to the Court of Appeal of Brescia, Employment Section, and is also a professionally qualified mediator. Since the beginning of his legal career, he has practiced Civil Law, with specific expertise in relation to possessory actions, to actions for the protection of property and to actions for damages of any kind, as well as Labour Law (with particular expertise in the educational sector), Trade Union Law and Family Law. He has developed negotiation skills and successfully solved numerous crucial disputes.

Tax consultant


With a degree in Economics and Business from Università Cattolica of Milan, he has been registered with the Milan Association of Chartered Accountants since 1996. Auditor and Member of some Boards of Statutory Auditors, he has developed great expertise in relation to tax legislation and to the audit of financial and operational figures, and has also acquired significant experience in the resolution – jointly with legal experts – of tax disputes and in handling extraordinary business operations, also with regard to the most atypical aspects.

Tax consultant

Marina Ludmilla

Graduate in Economics, Accounting Expert and Statutory Auditor, she is registered with the Milan Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts.  She has collaborated with various professional firms and has gained deep knowledge and familiarity with financial statement analysis, management planning and control and assessments of corporate assets in all the various components, as well as with regard to the composite corporate operations.